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Long Sleeve - Bureo Skateboards Bureo Long Sleeve ShirtLong Sleeve - Bureo Skateboards Bureo Long Sleeve Shirt
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Product Description

Premium Quality || Super Soft || Organic

100% Organic and Recycled Ingredients.

Proudly made in California.

GMO Free. Low Impact Dyes - require less water and do not contain heavy metals.

As a part of our 'Thread Positiva' Initiative, $3 from the purchase of this shirt will be donated to the Save the Waves Coalition to support their ongoing work protecting and preserving the coast of Chile through their "World Surfing Reserves" program and 'Unidos por Aguas Limpias' campaign.

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About Bureo Skateboards
Bureo Skateboards

Since it’s beginning, skateboarding, originally known as “sidewalk surfing,” has been a way for surfers to stay stoked between sessions. Today, the relationship between surfing and skating has come full circle.

Bureo Skateboards, developed by a trio of surfers and skaters from the northeast, are made with the ocean in mind – not just to emulate the style and flow of surfing, but to actually make the ocean a better, cleaner place. Using a little ingenuity and a material that is one of the greatest threats to ocean life, the team at Bureo is turning a detrimental waste product into something fun. Each Bureo “Minnow” skatedeck is made of recycled fishing nets that are collected from artisanal fishing villages up and down the Chilean coastline.

Through a program called “Net Positiva” Chile’s first and only fishnet recycling program, Bureo Skateboards is working with coastal fishing cooperatives through an organized buy back program. “Net Positiva” is supplying local fisherman with easy access to disposal sites for old nets and funds to help offset the costs of new ones. Incorrectly disposed of fishing nets currently account for up to 10% of ocean plastics.

The Bureo business model is about making waves and making a difference doing the things we love. Every step in the development process has been taken with the goal of sourcing the best materials that do the least environmental harm. The boards are keeping plastic waste out of the ocean and support the coastal fishing communities of Chile. Chile, home to the most recently approved World Surfing Reserve at Punta de Lobos, is now also home to one of the world’s first green skateboards.

You can be a part of the movement. Push more and drive less. Make waves with Bureo.