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Worship Skateboards "Lostness" from the artist series by Scott Benoit
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Product Description

Worship is excited to bring you another awesome artist series from the mind of Scott Benoit. Scott dropped out of an NYC business school in 1999 and drove to the Bay Area to skateboard with his friends. After injuring his knee, Scott returned to school and completed his education at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. Scott now works as a vice president for a technology start-up and also owns and operates his own design studio specializing in interactive and identity design. Originally from Ledyard, CT, Scott continues to live in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and two children. I had not seen him in a decade and when we caught up he offered to bust out a series. Enjoy

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About Worship Skateboards
Worship Skateboards

Remember when skateboards used to be worth saving...
The problem with skateboarding these days is, that it is driven by bottomline marketing which mandates if kids want blood, skulls and heart-a-grams, than give it to them. But whatever happened to the times when graphic designers and artists creatively fused social, political, personal and ironic meanings into their skateboard art? Even World did some random funny/ terrible things in the early 90's. What Worship Skateboards hopes to offer is an alternative to the current graphic lull. As most companies guard their image that they have spent tons of money developing, we would rather offer change. Every series is artist driven or fueled by hidden meanings. Our focus at Worship Skateboards is to achieve an artistic aesthetic that offers the individual the opportunity to find a more personal attachment to skateboard art wether they choose to hang the board on their wall or skate it. Just like all the decks we saved when we were their age...back when graphics meant something.