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SUP Eco Ranger He... is no longer available, maybe you'd be interested in...

Boards - Wave Tribe SUP Eco Ranger Hemp Boardbag {Sizes 10'6 - 11'6}Boards - Wave Tribe SUP Eco Ranger Hemp Boardbag {Sizes 10'6 - 11'6}Boards - Wave Tribe SUP Eco Ranger Hemp Boardbag {Sizes 10'6 - 11'6}Boards - Wave Tribe SUP Eco Ranger Hemp Boardbag {Sizes 10'6 - 11'6}Boards - Wave Tribe SUP Eco Ranger Hemp Boardbag {Sizes 10'6 - 11'6}Boards - Wave Tribe SUP Eco Ranger Hemp Boardbag {Sizes 10'6 - 11'6}
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Product Description

Sup Broski. The Eco Ranger is made with high quality durable eco hemp.

Bags are 33' wide—it will allow up to a 35-36" wide board to fit.

6mm thick closed cell padding for everyday use
Innovative aluminium mesh energy shield cooling bottom
Heavy duty velcro straps to secure paddle
5 padded reinforced handles and shoulder strap
30" x 12" exterior pocket for all your gear
12 air flow vents to keep your board cool
Scratch resistant velcro fin slot
Scratch resistant rail guard inside zipper area
1 year warranty and money back guarantee
Paddle bag is sold separately

SUP Bro?
So it was flat all summer long and you bought a Stand Up Paddle Board. You feel the glide from way outside.
You get dirty looks from the shorties while you paddle circles around them. Your buddies all know its harder than it looks. All those waves come with a pretty hefty price-tag of an expensive, heavy board.
Now you can protect your investment the best way possible, with HEMP and RECYCLED materials. This one-of-a-kind hemp surfboard bag is made from hemp and recycled materials.This surfboard bag protects your board from sun, heat, and helps prevent dings by wrapping your board with mildew resistant hemp and recycled pe.We have tested this bags head-to-head with the leading brands and have found them to be 10 degrees cooler in harsh condition. They are damn cool on the outside too.

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About Wave Tribe
Wave Tribe

We care about what is happening to our planet and we are deeply concerned about the health of our oceans.
We love to surf and we want to spend our hard-earned cash on surf gear that is made to last with ecology in mind.
Back in 2007 we couldn't find any eco surf products in the surf shops so we decided to create a surf company that would put sustainability and quality first.

Life is too short to sit behind a desk and do anything about what is happening to our planet so we started an eco revolution and we'd love you to join us.
Every product we make is made with care for the planet first, using high quality eco materials like hemp, cork, bamboo and recycled plastics.
We started Wave Tribe back in 2007 when the word green referred to a color and now many of the mainstream surf brands are jumping on the green wagon to get your dollars---Wave Tribe helped build that eco wagon with deep roots in ecology, sustainability and lots of hard work.
Along the way we have taken the time to research and develop our products in real life situations traveling to Bali, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Oz, New Zealand, G-land, Africa . . . and lot's more.
Yea, we've been around and surfed some of the greatest waves on the planet and we are here to share that journey with you. While searching for waves we started making surf guides for you (we offer them for free) and writing travel articles ( also free) while testing the Wave Tribe products.