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Bags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel BoardbagBags & Backpacks - Wave Tribe Global Shortboard Travel Boardbag
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Product Description

Absolutely blown away with the quality of the bag—the only travel bag to grab.
 ~John from Setauket, New York 
2 brds - {Sizes: 6' - 6'7 - 7' - 7'6}

Great wasn't good enough. The top rated surfboard travel bag is exquisitely strong, blissfully stylish and as reliable and durable as they come.

Fits TWO Boards
Padded Board Separator
15 mm Thick Padding + 13 mm More (nose + tail) *28 TOTAL
YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper
Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap
3-System Handles (include rear handle)
Interior Fin Leash Pockets
Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom 

Why Wave Tribe Travel Boardbags?
If you have a bigger board you need a bigger bag. Larger tails, glass-on fins and thicker boards require a custom bag and we got it—cause this is what we ride too.
The Mini Simmons Fish Hybrid Boardbag global series has a wider tail section, fin extender to fit your glass-on fins, and more padding then any other bag made—guaranteed.
These bags have been beat up (on surf trips around the world) like a Mike Tyson opponent and survived. Not only survived, but thrived through multiple trips and some mean looking airline staff with tattoos of sharks and nose rings.
Derek, founder of Wave Tribe, and world surf traveler said about these bags while designing them:

"the most important thing about a bag is that your boards arrive safe. The eco part is just a nice added benefit."

Derek goes on to say, "look, after decades of using shitty bags with broken zippers and barely any padding, I decided I wanted to create a bag with the best zippers available in the world, and the most padding. That's what I did."

Wave Tribe quality means your boards arrive safe and your bag zipper won't break—ever. 
The second raddest thing is that Wave Tribe's boardbags is that they are made from hemp, probably the most awesome textile on the planet.
These travel bags have been tossed, beaten, dropped, and dragged in extensive research and development to make sure the best travel bag is constructed for you.
Wave Tribe's Travel Boardbag's Mantra (Om)
Our global mantra with each generation is:

Protect your surfboards with more padding, stylish design and quality components.
Use strong high quality zippers using nickel plated non-corrosion YKK zippers made in Japan.
Do the planet good by using ecological materials like hemp and surf like crazy.

In the current generation we added more padding to the bag itself, increasing it from 12 to 15 mm.
You'd think that was enough for most companies but not ours, we also added nose and tail pieces of another 13mm to protect those vulnerable areas during travel—the most protected travel boardbag in the surf industry yo (approved by Walter White).
13 mm Foam Inserts Nose Tail
We also included more padding in the shoulder straps and the even added padding to the board separator inside our comfy bags so your boards wouldn't smash up against each other during those long flights.

Additionally we strengthened the top carry handle, adding heavy duty stitching.

You can fit lots of goodies in your bag and you might as well because the airline is going to charge you a transport fee no matter what you put in this eco travel buddy.
Surfers Love Our Bags Customer Marcus from Oregon sent us this photo of his recent surf trip and says about the Wave Tribe Travel Boardbag:

"This bag rocks, 2 boards, wetsuit, booties, 2 leashes and a foam roller. Closes easily."

The ladies like our bags too, below Holley Beck is rocking here new Wave Tribe Travel Bag on her way to Nicaragua yoga and surf-school for awesome women.

We have hundreds of testimonials from people across the planet that are stoked on the Wave Tribe Travel Surfboard Bag.
We got your back and your boardbag's back, or stringer, or well—you get it. Our bags come in a few different flavors.

Global Travel Bag Mini Simmons Fish Hybrid

6'2 Mini Simmons Fish Hybrid 
6'7 Mini Simmons Fish Hybrid 
7'6 Mini Simmons Fish Hybrid 

Global Travel Bag Shortboard Style

6'7 Shortboard
7'6 Shortboard

Global Travel Bag Longboard Style

8'6 Malibu/Longboard
9'6 Longboard

The Global Travel Surfboard Bag is also made from quality hemp so you can feel good about doing your part in supporting ecology and the green surfing movement.
Outside A of the bag is made from a strong density Rugged Eco Hemp exterior which is one tough fiber and naturally built to last with high impact padding protection with Rebound Foam Dynamics including open-to-nose technology.
Outside B is the reflective (rental-car-roof-side) made from Reflective Energy Shield for "Cooler Surfboard Safeguard" protecting your surfboard from the sun's harmful rays made from an alloy-steel mesh weave.

Reflective Energy Shield
All Sides are guarded by our Japanese Never-Rust-or-Break Nickel Platted Zippers streamline zipper trails and our trademarked Easy Flow Zip System.
Inside you'll find padded board separators, multiple pockets for your leash, wax and fins—internal straps for keeping things tightly safe and snug. Most importantly our Rebound Foam Dynamics allows for maximum board protection with an extra 13mm insert in the nose and tail sections where you need it (13 + 13 = 26 mm of surfboard protection)—that's more padding than any other boardbag alive guaranteed.

Rebound Foam Dynamics
We know that choosing a surfboard travel bag is an important decision and we are stoked that you are looking at doing it eco style.
Remember, hemp is good for the planet—Wave Tribe boardbag will help you offset all those airline miles, if you into that sort of thing.
But most importantly, your surfboards will arrive safe.
Traveling is such an important part of surfing and we want your surf travel to be top noch!
Four Easy Steps For Ordering
You'll be stoked on the Wave Tribe travel bag, it's guaranteed or your money back.

Pick your color.
Then pick your size.
Free shipping right to your door.
We ship in 24 hours—max time to get your bag is 1-5 days.

One more thing, don't forget to check out out airline boardbag fee article before you book your ticket.
How To Pack Your Travel Boardbag

Pack Using Bast Surf Protection System

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About Wave Tribe
Wave Tribe

We care about what is happening to our planet and we are deeply concerned about the health of our oceans.
We love to surf and we want to spend our hard-earned cash on surf gear that is made to last with ecology in mind.
Back in 2007 we couldn't find any eco surf products in the surf shops so we decided to create a surf company that would put sustainability and quality first.

Life is too short to sit behind a desk and do anything about what is happening to our planet so we started an eco revolution and we'd love you to join us.
Every product we make is made with care for the planet first, using high quality eco materials like hemp, cork, bamboo and recycled plastics.
We started Wave Tribe back in 2007 when the word green referred to a color and now many of the mainstream surf brands are jumping on the green wagon to get your dollars---Wave Tribe helped build that eco wagon with deep roots in ecology, sustainability and lots of hard work.
Along the way we have taken the time to research and develop our products in real life situations traveling to Bali, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Oz, New Zealand, G-land, Africa . . . and lot's more.
Yea, we've been around and surfed some of the greatest waves on the planet and we are here to share that journey with you. While searching for waves we started making surf guides for you (we offer them for free) and writing travel articles ( also free) while testing the Wave Tribe products.