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Powder - Praxis Skis BPS
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Product Description

AKA; Bucks Powder Slarver. Built off the popular and unique design principles of the Concept ski, the BPS model features Praxis’ own Tri-Cut and Compound Camber. This innovative fat ski comes in at 150 mm wide at the tip’s fat point, allowing the BPS the honor of being the fattest ski in Praxis lineup.

The BPS was inspired by the innovative Concept ski and its designs, but we felt the concept could and should be applied to a fatter, more ‘slarve-able’ powder weapon. Relative to the Concept ski’s design, the major changes incorporated to make the BPS model include a larger average sidecut radius, fatter overall dimensions, and a larger reverse sidecut zone; which places more emphasis on the Fatter Underfoot Theory for balanced weight distribution on soft snow.

After a couple years of testing and receiving reviews, the BPS has proven itself to be a solid member of Praxis lineup...slarve up the entire mountain when the next powder cycle comes through!

A beautiful custom painting was created by Rachel Znerold to serve as the stock graphic for this innovative model. Rachel is a local artist/designer based out of the San Francisco area. Take a look at some more of her work at

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About Praxis Skis
Praxis Skis

Praxis Skis are “Handcrafted in the Sierra Nevada”. Our factory is located on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, where the mountains are our backyard. Our skis are constructed by inspired skiers who take pride in producing the perfect ride for a variety of individual needs and styles. By designing skis that work for you, we aim to elevate the experience of skiing.
Praxis Skis was founded by Keith O’Meara and is supported by a group of dedicated skiers committed to developing new concepts for the ski industry. Since the inception of Praxis Skis and throughout the past nine years, this once-small company has built a remarkable reputation for producing progressively designed skis that also happen to be some of the most well-built and durable skis in the world. Unlike many other companies out there, our skis are manufactured 100% in house from beginning to end at our factory in North Lake, Tahoe. Our Computer Numerical Cutting (CNC) technology allows us to produce low volumes of custom skis with incredibly accurate precision. When the CNC technology is combined with our commitment to developing all of our premium ski parts in-house, we can more easily prototype and test progressive ideas before releasing the model to the world. It is not uncommon for us to be on the lift talking about a new ski design on Saturday, then skiing and testing the finished product within a couple days. This unique aspect of our manufacturing process allows us to push the conventions of ski technology and create innovative designs that often become industry standards.
We are constantly striving to challenge norms within  the ski industry. Being at the forefront of the “Rocker Revolution”, the skis we develop are not your ordinary skis. Our use of progressive shapes and moldings has enabled us to develop ski that make skiing off-piste, powder, and variable conditions easy for even the intermediate skier, propelling the rider to a whole new level of skiing.