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GoodPeople's Uncorporate Social Responsibility (USR)

The main premise is that the competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. While the GoodPeople vision is truly our own, we’ve borrowed the Create Shared Value strategy coined by Michael Porter, (the father of modern business strategy) to explain it.

The main premise is that the competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. The current economic model of profits at all costs is dead. At GoodPeople, we understand that value creation happens when businesses integrate the challenges and issues facing their communities into the core of their business models. While we by no means came up with this idea, we are creating a space where people and businesses who embrace these ideas can be recognized and rewarded.

GoodPeople’s brand promise is to bring good and people together.

We do this in a number of ways.

1. By creating a home for people who embrace active lifestyles and progression, whether that is in terms of their sports or taking action to ensure the next generations had the same opportunities they’ve had.

2. By creating a marketplace that highlights and supports businesses with a sustainable and socially responsible ethos and those that want to do this but don’t know how.

3. By creating opportunities for people and brands to engage with organizations that will empower them to Go Big and Do Good!

Let’s be honest, the challenges our planet and communities are facing are enormous. Creating positive change will take a lot of hard work. But at GoodPeople, we believe you need to start someplace, we don’t have to do it alone, and it should be fun.

So far this year, we have definitely had some fun. We partnered with Boarding for Breast Cancer and the Girls Riders Organization to teach over 1,500 kids to skate and bike at the Interactive Skateboarding Parks at the X Games sponsored by Verizon. We also partnered with Sunskis to produce Outdoor SF, a party that highlighted six Northern California outdoor retail brands, heard some inspiring stories of athletes who turned their passions into inspiring work, while raising money for the Save the Waves Foundation.

Lastly, we are far from perfect, but we are GoodPeople. We are not judges or juries. We have lots of work to do on our own sustainability efforts, but we are walking down the path towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We welcome your ideas, leadership, and contributions to build a community that supports everyone’s efforts to be GoodPeople.