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Product Description

The Straight Up is for the paddler looking for a traditional SUP shape – it’s your “Straight Up” SUP shape. The Straight Up is the great board for your lake workout and exploration. It’s the perfect choice for smaller paddlers and people looking for the feeling of a classic SUP board. The traditional shape surfs well, loves the river, lake, and touring, and whitewater.

Product Description
The Straight Up inflatable stand up paddle board is for the paddler looking for a traditional SUP shape – the “Straight Up” SUP shape! The Straight Up is quick, agile, maneuverable, and yet still is quite stable and rigid due to the 6″ thickness.

At 33″ wide, the Straight up inflatable stand up paddle board is a more sporty and slightly less stable alternative to the 35″ Hoss BT. It’s sporty and fun for whitewater (more agile than the Hoss BT), and more universal than the Hala Atcha – it’s a great family board for the lakes, family, whitewater, raft trips,
fishing, and multiple riders.. The tip-to-tail traction mat makes this a perfect SUP board for yoga!
But there’s more! This board is the smart alternative to a sit on top kayak when you combine this board with the kayak seat and the Butterknife.

• Big stomp pad at the tail for control
• Full-length traction pad
• The Straight Up is a smaller version of the Hoss BT
• Perfect rocker profile for agility and surfability
• Reinforced stainless D rings for rigging, optional kayak seat and removable foot bar
• Unbreakable fixed 4” side bites with a removable, flexible 3rd fin in an unbreakable box
• All Hala boards use the toughest drop stitch available

Dimensions - 10′ x 33″ x 6″

Durability - Double layered top, bottom, and reinforced seams for 2x the durability of a typical inflatable. 6″ thick drop stitch – thicker boards are more stable and make the board more versatile. All Hala boards use the toughest drop stitch available.

Fins - Unbreakable fixed 4” side bites with a removable, flexible 3rd fin in an unbreakable box – the board will track well even when you need to remove the center fin.

Tech Extras - Traction mat tip to tail – perfect for yoga! Raised stomp pad and large coverage traction pad. Ready for optional uber-comfortable detachable Kayak Seat with a back bag that is perfect to stash your food and drink for your SUP day trip! Kayak seat attachment points included with removable foot brace to use while in the kayak position. 9 D rings for strapping dry bags, coolers, or cargo to your borad for your SUP Expedition.

Transportation - Backpack for transportation and travel (Fits all accessories.)
Pumps - Bravo SUP Pump with Gauge to add pressure (15 PSI is recommended); and 12v Car Pump to easily add volume (Make sure the valve is set to the open position).

Included Accessories - Hand pump with pressure gage – 12V pump – Removable flex fin – Repair kit – Foot bar for optional kayak seat – Backpack

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About Hala Gear
Hala Gear

Bigger was just the first piece of the puzzle – it solved stability, and enhanced the inland paddling experience, but didn’t allow us to maneuver quickly enough.
For 4 years, we have been prototyping shapes and rocker profiles, finding the perfect blend of stability and agility that we call our Progressive Shape Inflatables. From flat water to whitewater to river surfing to beach surfing, you will feel the design differences that make Hala inflatable SUPs stand out.
Hala’s Rocky Mountain headquarters gives us a unique angle for designing paddle gear.  Whether stomping big whitewater, doing yoga with friends, or surfing and touring your favorite water, Hala boards are built to let you live your adventure.
We use and abuse every piece of equipment we make, and we spare no expense to make sure your Hala Gear lasts.  We use unbreakable fins and fin boxes, triple reinforced D-rings, and the highest quality drop stitch and PVC. Innovation is key, and we love to push the limits.  Our versatile designs open up new ways of paddling your water.  The Butterknife and optional kayak seat allow you to explore the water in your own way, and the plentiful rigging points let you load up to cover the miles.

We use the highest caliber material in manufacturing our boards.  We take the extra steps to reinforce our boards in key places so that they are as rigid and functional in your application as you need.  They are the most fun and responsive inflatable boards you will ever ride.

We are so confident in our construction methods, that we give the best warranty in the industry.  Tour operators and rental hubs have used our bomber inflatables.  The boards have been exposed to sun, rocks, elements, animals and people of every size and shape.  They have been dropped, dragged and smacked.