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More - Cuipo Single Hammock with StrapsMore - Cuipo Single Hammock with Straps
Shipping estimated 7 dayswithin US


Shipping estimated 7 dayswithin US
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Product Description

With a capacity of up to 400 lbs, the Little River Co. Hiking Hammock provides a cozy, functional outdoor bed that hold will hold you effortlessly. If you’re going solo, you’ll love having this sling all to yourself. Our hammock is a high-quality product crafted of heavy-duty parachute nylon. The fabric is soft and breathable (won’t make you sweat all night), but tough enough to stand up to countless adventures.
Relax under the stars in this lightweight, comfy, hiking hammock- whether you’re deep in the jungle forest or in your own backyard, there’s plenty of room for you to find yourself out in nature while saving endangered rainforest. 

128 x 64″ (320 cm x 160 cm); 30 oz.

Strong, breathable and quick-drying woven parachute nylon with custom triple interlocked stitching.

Industrial strength nautical grade line and high strength wire gate carabiners support up to 400 lb.

Includes Little River Co. poly-filament hanging straps and pouch with compression strap for convenient packing and portability.

Little River Co. custom makes their products to the highest quality so they are built to last. Each hammock comes with a three-month full refund or replacement guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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About Cuipo

Cuipo is a lifestyle brand dedicated to preserving prime rainforest around the globe. Cuipo was created to inspire the preservation of our planet's most vital ecosystem by empowering individuals and institutions to act and become responsible trustees of our planet.

Through green education, brand activation, and product licensing we raise awareness about the rainforest and deforestation. We strive to make rainforest preservation fun, effective and easy. Our preservation efforts are centered on the belief that the best way to stop rainforest deforestation is to buy the land and preserve it. We do just that.

With revenue from our product lines and partnerships, we purchase large parcels of land for transfer to our non-profit foundation, One Meter at a Time, for permanent preservation. Every Cuipo product sold, whether a t-shirt, bracelet or reusable water bottle, saves rainforest.

Every Cuipo product sold comes with one square meter of rainforest. All Cuipo merchandise comes with a unique code that can be redeemed at for one square meter of rainforest. All Kuna merchandise sold not only preserves rainforest, but also contributes to the local village of Ubkisukun, Panama.

Every square meter saved through the purchase of a Cuipo product, or redeemed through our Save Rainforest program, is donated to One Meter at a Time, our 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to preservation of the tropical rainforest.

One Meter at a Time safeguards and preserves each square meter of rainforest in perpetuity. By teaching skills required for gainful employment in preservation, One Meter at a Time employs locals and indigenous groups as park rangers and stewards of the preserved rainforest.