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Goggles - Bosky Optics Bosky MK.2 Black Snow Goggles Goggles - Bosky Optics Bosky MK.2 Black Snow Goggles Goggles - Bosky Optics Bosky MK.2 Black Snow Goggles
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Shipping estimated 7 dayswithin US
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Product Description

The MK.2 is designed to perform naturally. Every pair is crafted from natural and recycled materials that out perform other goggles on the market. Goggle Features:

-Dual spherical polycarbonate lens with 100% UV protection and anti- fog treatment

-Patented tear resistant fine woven hemp ventilation system designed to allow more fresh airflow in an out of the goggles to prevent fogging.

-Ergonomic and flexible "Plant Matter" bio urethane frame

-Contoured triple-layer Polartec Eco Fleece face cushioning

-Includes artist designed microfiber protective case for goggle storage and keeping your lenses clean.

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About Bosky Optics
Bosky Optics

My name is Alex Cruft and I am one of the founders of Bosky. Hopefully this section will let you put a name and a face to the company and know that Bosky isn’t actually run by robots or something of the like.

Oregon has always had a bit of a reputation of being filled with hippies and eco-nuts and well, if you have seen the show Portlandia, that sums it all up. In reality, most of us Oregonians are just normal people who care about the planet and want to do our part in preserving it. Renewable products are a growing trend, and one that I am super excited to be a part of! I think that the way most products are made now is entirely unsustainable and that better alternatives exist. The goal at Bosky has always been to make environmentally-friendly products that get people excited. In order to do so, we have strived to try to incorporate some fantastic designs into our products.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a lone effort. Bosky couldn’t have happened without my business partner and co-founder Matthew Miner. He has definitely been a whirlwind of creative thoughts and energy. Matt has been so committed to Bosky that he managed to dislocate his shoulder while testing a prototype of our new bioplastic snow goggles.