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Mike Elberts

Skate the Lake with @goodpeople @rachshredgnar @cavi21 @orlipablo @goodpeoplearg
18 Photos

@cavi21 meditating pre-skate. gotta get in the zone

Resting up because we were skating further than a marathon!

@orlipablo 's first s'more. think he's a little excited?

Margo and @rachshredgnar being hero's

The girls were cruising to fast to get a solid shot. at least that's my excuse for being a shitty fotog

Pre-skate peptalk by Curt "the man" Sterner

pushing all day with @rachshredgnar


is it on? is it recording? nope, that's a picture



@goodpeoplearg = stoked!

checkout that steez! @rachshredgnar

little carnage. if you aren't falling, you aren't trying hard enough. @cavi21 is more than our CTO, he is a sick rider. fact.

uphill is a workout. think this was on the way up to Squaw

I saw a longboard that was thiiiiiss big!

another day in paradise

Cavi, Matias Lescano, Pablo Orlando and 1 other high fived this.

Pablo Orlando
Pablo Orlando

@cavi21 buzito de outside lands!


hahaha @Orlipablo y mega marshmallows con @Melbs

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